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Women in the Fashion Industry that Inspire Me

There are so many influential businesswomen and creators in the fashion industry who are designers, stylists, editors, entrepreneurs, and more. I find it inspiring to see and learn about different women who made their dreams possible through their hard work and dedication. The girl boss' below motivate my own #CareerGoals and have inspired me with their constant creativity.

The Iconic Editor-in-Chief: Diana Vreeland

Diana Vreeland was an editor for Harper's Bazaar and then became the editor-in-chief of Vogue known for her fabulous over-the-top fashion features. She later became a special consultant to the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art helping curate the exhibits and bringing in visitors. She's remembered for being eccentric in fashion and life! One of my favorite documentaries is Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel.


The One Who Does it All: Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe does a whole lot. She's a celebrity stylist, fashion designer of her own clothing brand, CEO and editor in chief of The Zoe Report, and the CEO and creative director of Box of Style. She's also written books a few books such as Living in Style (my personal favorite) and Style A to Zoe. She does so much in the fashion industry and still manages to have a personal life.

The Zoe Report

The Big Time Blogger Turned Designer: Arielle Charnas

Arielle Charnas was one of the earliest style bloggers and content creators. She grew her blog Something Navy and turned it into a fresh and feminine clothing line with a stunning flagship store in New York City. Charnas continues to work as an influencer, and gets dressed by designers, sits front row at fashion shows, is seen in magazine spreads, and signs big endorsement deals.

HBO / Everett Collection

The Ultimate Creative Director: Grace Coddington

Grace Coddington was a creative director at Vogue for decades. As a creative director, she was in charge of styling and producing innovative concepts for spectacular editorial photoshoots. She's also become an author and has wrote multiple books.


The Transcendent Costume Designer: Patricia Field

Patricia Field is the genius responsible for some of your favorite fashion moments on-screen such as Sex and The City, The Devil Wears Prada, and most recently, Emily in Paris. As a costume designer she's responsible for translating the character's personalities into their own fashion sense by picking out the clothes and outfits of the characters. Fields described her role to Fashionista as, "telling the stories and showcasing the characters through the way they dress. It's a storytelling situation." She's won an Emmy award and an Academy Award nomination for her work.

HBO / Everett Collection

The Risk Taking Editor-in-Chief: Carine Roitfeld

This French journalist was the editor-in-chief for one of the most iconic magazines, French Vogue, and then went on to start CR fashion book and CR Men's book filled with artistic and fashion forward editorials. She's also the global fashion director of Harper's Bazaar, reports Business of Fashion.

Maxime La for The New York Times

Stay Fab,

Style & Repeat

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