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Comfy Looks Perfect for Your Summer at Home

Since we're all pretty much home most of the time, my summer style vibe has been very chill. I have yet to put on a pair of denim shorts, and I'm more than okay with it. Feeling comfortable is always a priority of mine when getting ready which is usually easy to do while looking cute, but sometimes when getting dressed up, looking good trumps feeling my most comfortable. However, now you're free to always dress completely comfortable! At the start of quarantine, I was wearing a lot of sweatpants and sweatshirts, but when the temperature started to increase I was wondering how to dress for summer while still feeling my comfiest. Here are some outfit ideas and items that allows you to dress comfy AND cute during the summertime!

Sweatshirt and Bike Shorts


High Waisted Track Pants X Crop Top

Sweatsuit Shorts

Matching Biker Short Set

Wife-beater Crop Top

Knit Sets

T-Shirt Dresses

Cardigan Button-up as Tops

Tennis Skirts

Stay Fab,

Style & Repeat

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