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How to Make the Most Out of the Pandemic

Five months later, and the coronavirus is still affecting us all. Besides a few things (like restaurants, stores, and parks) opening up, not a whole lot has changed. Unfortunately, it's still uncertain when things will ever go back to normal.

During this time of working from home and social distancing, I realized that I should take advantage of this pause in reality by doing things I usually feel like I don't have the time to do (even though in reality I probably did). With that said, even though it might feel like time is stopping, it isn't, so might as well feel like you've achieved a few things when looking back.

Set Goals for Yourself

Create goals for yourself that you can work on during this time, so that when this is all over you feel a sense of accomplishment. The best goals are ones that you can clearly see the progress you make. Mine, for example, has been running.

Get on a Healthy Schedule

Start healthy eating habits and create a workout schedule. Checkout different online workout videos to incorporate and mix-up your exercises.

Reconnect with Long Distance Friends

During the school year and workweek it can get really hard to find time to FaceTime long distance friends/ family. Now FaceTime and Zoom is your social life! Take advantage of it.

Educate Yourself & Get More Involved in Important Issues/Topics Going on like Racism

As most of you (hopefully) already know what's occurring across the nation in terms of racism and police brutality. Learn more about this issue and what it means to be an ally against racism. Search for stories that will give you a new insight and check out different perspectives. Keep yourself educated about different human rights issues, and what's going on in politics. I know it can feel discouraging, exhausting, and/or confusing trying to keep up with the news, but it's really important!

Read a Book On a Topic You Want to Learn More About

Since I'm trying to educate myself more on racism in this country and police brutality, I started reading The Hate You Give. Here's a list I found of other books if that's something you want to learn more about:

I read I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou back in high school, and it is still one of my favorite books to this day. She's one of the best writers, and had such a challenging childhood. It's a very inspiring story, and I highly recommend reading it!

Continue Learning! Learn Something New!

Learn a new language, a new skill, take some online classes, etc.

Reconnect with Old Hobbies

During our usual schedule, we get so busy that we no longer have time to enjoy hobbies like arts & crafts, biking, playing a sport, dancing, etc. Take the time to enjoy yourself!

Create a Watch List of Movies and Shows You've Always Been Wanting to See

(But, also, limit your screen time as it's super easy to spend the whole day staring at a screen.). Need help creating a list? Here I gathered an assortment of movies: romance, comedy, drama, documentary, etc. that I recommend you watch and what's on my own list to inspire you. For TV shows checkout my blog post from the start of COVID-19.

Do Some Self-Reflecting

We tend to never take the time to actually sit down and reflect on our past year and where we're at in life. Here are some questions you can ask yourself when self-reflecting:

  1. How do you feel about your past year (pre COVID)?

  2. Do you like the person you were/ are becoming? Were you the best version of yourself?

  3. What changes did you like? What didn't you?

  4. Any ways you think you improved as a person? Any aspects of yourself you would like to grow?

  5. Are you happy with the friends and people you surrounded yourself with?

  6. Did you take any positive steps towards your goals and dreams? What steps do you need to take next?

Stay Fab,

Style & Repeat

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