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My Travel Diary: Austin

Last year at the beginning of the summer, I had a girls trip with my best friend to Austin, Texas. We had been researching what places to go to for what felt like months, and ultimately chose Austin. We had a budget for our trip, and Austin was a perfect match! We went for a really short time period, and was pleasantly surprised by the city! I absolutely loved the trip, and Austin is such a fun city. This was the itinerary (we were there from June 4-6, 2018):

Day 1

We tried to take an early flight to make the most out of our three day trip. Once we arrived, we grabbed lunch at a place called Holly Roller.

Then we got the Bird app which is electronic scooters you can borrow throughout the city. With this app, it made it easy for us to explore the city.

We checked out some fun stores and boutiques like Prize (first four pictures). Then we went to Outdoor Voices which was founded in Austin, and tried on the entire store.

At night we had dinner (I forgot where oops), and I had a donut at voodoo donuts. We enjoyed a fun night on 6th street where all the live music and night life is. Austin, Texas is known for their live music.

Day 2

On the second day, we started at the iconic Allens boots to see all of the many different styles of cowboy boots which is just so Texas.

Then we went to Jo's coffee which is where the "I love you so much" sign is, and got some iced chai teas. Later we got to check out the insta worthy and iconic, Austin Motel. It looks like such a cute place to stay at, but was unfortunately too expensive for our budget.

After that, we went to Barton Springs! This was a highlight of our trip. We had so much fun swimming and laying out. It was such a fun environment. On our way back to our hotel from the springs, we got some amazing Thai rolled ice cream called Holla Mode Ice Cream which looked like little roses! It was so freakin yummy!

Later at night we went to see the bats at Congress Ave bridge as the sun was setting. This was a highly suggested activity for us to do, so we felt obligated to experience it. After this we grabbed dinner, and went back to sixth street to listen to more live music and enjoy the nightlife atmosphere.

Here's a photo of when the bats come out that I found online.

Day 3

On our last day, we had a mini photo shoot at the super cool Graffiti park which was super cool, and overlooked part of the city. Then went to the Blanton Museum of Art which was the only thing we did that I wouldn't request doing.

It was a great fun short trip, and I definitely wanna visit again!!! A great choice for a girls trip, or a bachelor/ bachelorette party!

Stay Fab,

Style & Repeat

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