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My Travel Diary: Paris

Updated: Nov 7, 2019


We left for our adventure on a Sunday, and landed in Paris the following day. While we headed to our hotel, we made our first stop in Paris the Eiffel Tower! No explanation necessary! To capture a good view of it, we were dropped off at the Palais de Chaillot which was rumored to be the best. I would disagree though with this statement, as I have seen better photos of the Eiffel Tower in different locations, but it was on our way to the hotel and still very exciting to see!

Then we continued to head towards our hotel, and checked in at the Hotel Bel Ami.

At that point we were starving, and went to the extremely cute Cafe de Flore! For any Gossip Girl fans, this is the cafe Blair and Serena went to in season 4, episode 1 "Belles de Jour." I ordered a smoked salmon club sandwich which was good!

Then we walked around for awhile exploring the city. We headed to one of Paris' tourist attractions, a bookstore called Shakespere and Company. I would say most of the books were in English, so there was a huge selection of options for us to choose from. I got a trendy Paris guidebook.

Then we viewed Notre Dame from across the Seine, and checked out the little stands where merchants sold artwork and books. For dinner we ate at the Les Deux Magots, and then delicious macaroons for dessert at Lauderee. I had been dreaming about those macaroons for the longest time!


On our first full day in Paris, we wanted to hit as much of the iconic and beautiful spots of Paris as possible. We started off at the Palais Garnier which is an opera house.

Then we walked across the street to Galerie Lafeyette which is a department store unlike any other. The roof of the mall was covered in beautiful detailing similar to the opera. I wasn't expecting to really find anything within my budget at this glamorous department store, but there was a sale going on. The department store is filled with really cool different brands like From Future. I found this fun hot pink graphic cashmere sweater for 60% off! I'm obsessed...

For lunch we went to the roof of Galerie Lafeyette and ate at their restaurant called Creature! An Israeli fusion restaurant which was really good, and had kind of a bohemian aesthetic to it. This rooftop restaurant had amazing views of the city! I'd definitely recommend going to this place for lunch.

From Google

After our meal (and a few photos!), we Ubered to the Arc de Triumph, and then walked down the Champs-Elysées, and stopped in a few stores like Dior. Then we went to the celebrity spotting restaurant, L'Avenue for a dessert snack! We had pavlova, and it was amazing! We walked through Avenue Montaigne towards the Eiffel Tower.

For dinner we went to Marcellos on Marche Saint-Germain which was a great Italian place.

Google images


The Palace of Versailles was our first outside excursion of the day and the trip! We took the train down there which took around 45minutes in total. Not super bad. However, the line to get into the palace was extremely long! Be alarmed! We saw that there was no line to the gardens of Versailles, so we decided to skip the palace, and just see the gardens. Since our trip was pretty short, I didn't want to waste a whole day in Versailles.

After the gardens, we stayed in Versailles to grab lunch. The area of Versailles was actually really cute, and we enjoyed our lunch at Positive cafe.

Once we got back to Paris, us girls went to the Yves Saint Laurent Museum, and walked around the area afterwards.

For a fun snack we stopped by this really cute cafe somewhat near our hotel called Le Pre. I got yummy crepes with a funky drink while my sister got mini high tea. Inside looked nice, but we had fun sitting outside and people watching. For dinner we went to a fish place that wasn't anything special. After dinner, I was actually hit by a motorcycle, so if you notice weird scars on my right leg that's why...


For our second venture outside of Paris we went to Giverny to see Monet's home and gardens which took about an hour to get to. It was absolutely beautiful, and really interesting to get to see his home.

When we came back to Paris we went to the Museum D'orsay to look at impressionist paintings. Originally, this building was a train station, so the interior was very exciting to see.

Then we walked around Rue Saint-Honoré to do some shopping!! We went to & Other Stories which is such a great European store I had gone to in Berlin last year. For dinner we went to a vegan Italian restaurant.


For Friday, we spent the morning at the Louvre. We had lunch at Le Corona which was on our way from the Louvre to our next stop, Saint Chapelle.

Later we spent the afternoon checking out the local boutiques and did a lot of walking. We started off at a vintage shop called The Kilo Shop in the Marai, and then headed to Merci. Throughout this path we found so many great stores. Before we hopped into our Uber to head back to the hotel, we stopped inside a pharmacy because Paris is known to have the best cosmetic products. There were so many great products inside. I purchased an oil called Nuxe Shimmering Dry Oil which I had tried in the past (thanks to my bestie) and finally got to buy my own!

Google images.

For dinner on that night we had Thai food at a great place called Khao Thai!


For our last full day, we had a walking tour of the Jewish history in Paris even though it was pouring all day. Fun fact our tour guide has given this same tour to Julia Louis-Dreyfus. We stopped at the Notre Dame to learn about the Jewish symbolism of the architecture. During our walking tour we stopped by a Holocaust remembrance memorial. Then headed back to the Marais which is both an Orthodox Jewish as well as LGBTQ community. For lunch we ate at an amazing middle eastern Israeli restaurant named Chez Hana. Had the most delicious falafel there, 10/10 recommend!! Then we went to the Jewish museum which had a very interesting exhibit on Helena Rubinstein who was a cosmetic entrepreneur. Throughout the Jewish persecution during the time of WW2, this Jewish businesswomen surpassed this and accomplished so much. Her company is now owned by L'oreal.

For dinner and dessert we ate at Maison Sauvage which was a beautifully aesthetic restaurant.

After dinner, we packed and got ready to leave the next day. There were so many things I wanted to do that we didn't have time for, and I would love to come back and experience more of the iconic and beautiful city of Paris.

Stay Fab,

Style & Repeat

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