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A Look Inside My Instagram Collections

Here's a sneak peak inside my Instagram collections, and how I like to organize it.


for some outfit inspiration...

Instagrams (from top left to right): @lucymcfadin @sophiaklamt @jamealynee @emmalegar @nicolaannepeltz @reinajsilva @ellarose @clemdelacreeme @voguemg @sophiesuchan @kitkeenan @briknopf @nitsanraiter @ariellecharnas


for when I'm missing the sun & the beach...

Instas: @negin_mirsalehi @tvf @emilyroseklein @sophiesuchan @sofiavillarroell @briknopf @ellarose @avaantoyan @victoriavillarroel @hannahg11 @nitsanraiter @maddijeanwaterhouse


for a visual representation of my dreamy travel list...

Instas: @sophiesuchan @margot.lee @tvf @negin_mirsalehi @nitsanraiter @emmalegar @emilyroseklein @ellarose @camilamorrone @lucymcfadin


for photography and content inspiration...

Instas: @blackcollarwhitesnow @ellarose @madisonbeer @sophiaklamt @tatianabjorkfranco @emmaleger @barbarakristoffersen @clairerose @margot.lee

Some of my other collections include: healthy living, my dreams and goals, and interior design as well as specific locations like New York, California, Israel, and Chicago.

Stay Fab,

Style & Repeat

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