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On-Screen Fashion

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Some of my favorite fashion moments have actually been on televisions and films. I love how the characters are dressed on-screen because they tend to capture the iconic style of their time, or take a unique approach that influences fashion. Thus, a lot of my favorite on-screen fashion moments and characters are not current, but are nostalgic looks from the 90s and early 2000s. Shows and movies have a tendency to dress up their characters in a more polished and put-together way than an everyday person in reality. Most of these character's have actually influenced my style, and I look to them as inspiration.


This 90s teen classic is one of my favorite films. I love Cher's girly-girl style more and more every time I watch it. She wore slip dresses, layered her outfits, pulled off monochromatic looks, and all that plaid, plaid, and plaid!


This classic is easily one of my all-time favorites shows. Rachel Green's trendy everyday 90s and early 2000s looks will always give me inspiration. She is one of my favorites! While I've always slept on Monica Geller's style, she low-key has such good looks.

Almost Famous

For her breakout role, Kate Hudson channels the seventies in these iconic outfits as curly haired Penny Lane.

The OC

The essence of early 2000s California cool. Marissa Cooper and Summer Roberts both can get dressed up for all the Newport events, and keep it casual 'n chill.

Sex & The City

Carrie Bradshaw's daring and eclectic girly-girl style will forever remain iconic. This photo right below is what made me want to become more confident and love my hair, still one of my biggest hair inspos.

Mean Girls

I will be the first to admit a large portion of the looks from this movie are trashy, like the classic boob cut out top. However, watching the iconic Ariana Grande Thank You, Next music video made me reminiscent of some of the good looks. The graphic tees, low waisted mini skirts, henley tops, pendant necklaces, cargo skirts, tank tops, tiny handle purses that are so early 2000s suburban teen. Plus all that PINK!

That 70s Show

This show is all about seventies nostalgia, and character Jackie Burnhart's style is too good. The big hair, little clips, suede, floral prints, funky coats, jumpsuits, and bell-bottom jeans shows that seventies fashion keeps coming back.


With Chicago as it's setting (and then Paris!), Miley Cyrus stars in this melodramatic teen flick. Her character loves edgy grunge style with a trendy 2000s twist with all the sweatshirts (which are the best), ripped jeans, ripped tops, leather jackets, flannel, combat boots and sweatpants.

... Demi Moore served some good looks as well.

Gossip Girl

The best of the best, every episode of Gossip Girl is filled with fabulous outfits. So many chic moments from all the glamorous events to each character's own take on the high school uniform.

Stay Fab,

Style & Repeat

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