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The Yeezy Effect

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Love him or hate him, Kanye West has made a huge impact on fashion and it’s current trends. His influence has surpassed the world of music, and has dove into the high fashion hemisphere. Kanye has made athleisure apparel chic for everyday wear, and humankind should appreciate and take advantage of every second it remains cool. Nowadays society values comfort, and acknowledges that it doesn’t need to be sacrificed to be fashionable. Many of Yeezy's staples have influenced other designers to follow this vibe, and create pieces along those lines. Comfort is now totally chic!

Yeezy's most iconic staples includes:


almost all of his pieces are skin tight spandex  which proves you can wear leggings with a whole lot of different pieces and different occasions.

Transparent Shoes

If there was a bad-ass modern day Cinderella, she would of worn these as her glass slippers.

Sweatshirt Dresses

The new cool girl mini dress.

Cycling Shorts

Probably one of the most unlikely pieces a person would think of as  flattering and stylish, but is now one of the most hot trends to be.

Oversized Jackets, Puffer coats, and Fleeces

Because there is no reason to freeze yourself to still look cute.


no longer for the couch potatoes, now you can wear sweatpants with zero shame in public... Super cool with booties.

Luckily, this form of style is accessible to all. If you can afford designer Yeezy, cool for you, but most of these staples are easily available in a variety of pricing. Now everyone has the ability to feel as though they are keeping up with high fashion trends. With this form of style, the usual clear divide between people who can afford designer from people who can’t is not really evident.

Stay Fab,

Style & Repeat

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