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Halloween Costumes Composed of Items Already in Your Wardrobe

In the hopes that Halloween isn't completely canceled this year, here are some easy costume ideas. You're sure to already own these pieces, and if not you should invest in them for your everyday wardrobe. So skip purchasing a real-deal costume, because if we've learned anything so far in 2020 it's to not make future plans!

Sharon Tate

How to: Black turtleneck, white mini skirt, and white booties. All items you can rewear in your everyday wardrobe, and might already own. Recreating the Once Upon A Time in Hollywood look is a good way to make certain most people get the reference. Follow her iconic look with teased hair, and intense eye makeup.

Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's

How to: Wear a LBD, ray bans, and a pearl chocker. All timeless pieces that will last you a lifetime. Black gloves also would help! Put your hair up in a bun.


How to: Wear all leather, or if you don't own a leather tee, substitute it with just a basic black bodysuit, and then top it off with cheap cat ears. Regardless, a leather jacket and pants are great staples to invest in. & of course, top it off with a cat eye.

A Yeezy Model

How to: Two words: spandex and neutrals. Wear high waisted bike shorts or leggings with a tight crop top. Have your whole look be either one shade, or in a two-tone color palette. Clear heals, booties, thigh high boots, or sneakers (*coughs* Yeezy's). A baseball hat is also a good addition.

Wednesday Addams

How to: Best if you have dark brown/ black hair (so not me). Basically braids and a LBD (preferably with a Peter Pan collar which would be such a fun piece to own).

From the 90s

How to: There's many different routes to go with this one, but the easiest one for many to execute is to embody the grunge phase. Especially since 90s grunge just came back in style a couple years ago. These photos really embody the different ways you can dress up: flannel, a slip dress, black ripped tights, combat boots, chokers, torn up jeans, babydoll dresses, or floral maxis.

Stay Fab,

Style & Repeat

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